Unlike patents, trade secrets protect the proprietary and confidential aspects of your business by not disclosing information to the public. If you have valuable business information which is difficult to reverse engineer or resides only on your business premises, you may need to consider trade secret protection.  Well-drafted confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are essential parts of your trade secret protection plan and strategy.  

One interesting aspect of trade secrets is that trade secrets last as long as you are able to keep the information secret. 

Whether you are a potential client, or an attorney who needs help on a trade secret-related matter, we will be happy to assist you. 

Trade Secret Contracts

Confidentiality, nondisclosure, and employment agreements are important for maintaining enforceable trade secret rights. AdamsIP tailors contracts for your company’s specific needs.

Trade Secret Litigation

Offensively or Defensively, AdamsIP assists clients through all stages of trade secret litigation.

Trade Secret Strategy

The decision to file a patent or seek trade secret protection is a difficult one.  Let AdamsIP assist you and your company through these decisions.