We provide custom intellectual property strategies

Business Lawyers with an eye for IP.

Understanding your Business and Protecting Assets


Patent Filings

Patents form the foundation for many of our clients’ businesses. We have experience in all areas of patent preparation, filing, and prosecution.

Trademark Clearance and Filing

A trademark is often a company’s most valuable asset. Our lawyers counsel clients of all size regarding potential brand names.

Business Law

Many startups and other clients retain us to act as their “outsourced in-house counsel.” We regularly provide business counsel on all aspects of our clients’ businesses.

Patent Enforcement and Litigation

Our team regularly handles patent disputes and litigation. Our lawyers have experience defending clients from claims of infringement and enforcing patents.


From registration to litigation, we provide the protection and enforcement necessary for today’s professional artists, authors, musicians, and programmers.

Entertainment Law

Our entertainment law attorneys provide a broad range of legal services to clients involved in the creation, performance, management, and protection of creative works.

Patent Searches and Opinions

Our attorneys regularly provide patent searches and opinions for a wide variety of needs. We have experience in all forms of patent searching and opinion drafting.

Trade Secrets

We assist businesses with identifying trade secret protectable assets, advise them on best protecting those assets, and enforcing the rights under applicable law.

Hunter made me believe in attorneys again

Hunter restored my faith in honest, hardworking and trustworthy attorneys. I’m so happy I chose him. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field which makes me feel safe and secure. He knows exactly what to do and that’s the kind of attorney I want on my side.

-Patent and Trademark Client
IP Experts

Hunter and his staff expertly took control of my intellectual property requirements for my company and were successful in procuring the trademark we needed. I am already rehiring these guys for my next set of needs in their IP wheelhouse for how well things went last time.

-Trademark Client
The best choice for technology start-ups!

Starting a new enterprise has challenges. Entering the internet marketplace with a new product and service, not to mention forming a new company, we had many IP needs. Hunter met with me via video conferencing, answered all my questions, and provided important information on patents, copyrights and trademarks. He has guided and responded in such a timely way that we were able to confidently file our patent and two trademarks. Whether we worked with Hunter or Alexa, the quality of services and knowledge never waivered. What a team! We HIGHLY recommend Hunter for your intellectual property needs.

–Software patent and trademark client
They will be there when I need them!

I do not believe you will find anyone better to work with than Hunter and Alexa Adams. Problems are going to happen in business, it's just a matter of time. When problems do arise, it is crucial to partner with people who are going to be there when you need them. Hunter and Alexa have proven more than once that they will be there when I need them. When it comes to trademarks, Alexa is a pit bull. She has helped me out on more than one occasion, and I am always blown away with her results. Hunter is a fountain of knowledge on patents, as well as many other aspects of business. I have contacted Hunter so many times with questions, and he always responds quickly and answers my questions in great detail. You cannot do better than AdamsIP.

-Business, Patent, and Trademark client
I Strongly Recommend Hunter

Hunter Adams is hands-down the most skilled attorney with whom I’ve worked in 36 years. We have benefited from Hunter’s skills in dealing with intellectual property, trademarks, contracts and general legal advice. I strongly recommend Hunter for your technology business needs.

-Business Client
Without a doubt, I endorse Mr. Adams

I refer all my clients with IP or Patent needs to Mr. Adams. Each of them have made it a point to report back to me nothing but their utmost satisfaction with Hunter.

-Insurance and Business Defense Lawyer
Trademark Success!

We needed a trademark for our business. Hunter walked us through the entire process. His work resulted in a Registered Trademark that exceeded my expectations.

-Trademark Client


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