Copyright Lawyer

Are you looking for a copyright lawyer to help protect your work? Our team is ready to serve you for all of your copyright needs.  From registration to litigation, we provide the protection and enforcement necessary for today’s professional artists, authors, musicians, and programmers. Is someone interested in purchasing your work? We are here to help you assign or transfer your copyright to another person or entity.

Copyright Infringement

In addition to working with our clients to enforce their copyrights, our team also defends clients against claims of copyright infringement. Copyright infringement suits can lead to serious consequences for you or your business. Do not delay if you have been accused of copyright infringement. Competent counsel can help minimize risk and protect your rights.

Copyright Registration

While the law does accord protection to unregistered works, registering your copyright may entitle you to statutory damages ranging from $250 to $150,000, plus attorneys’ fees, for each infringing copy.

Please contact our copyright lawyers today to get started on protecting your work, enforcing your copyright, or defending against claims of copyright infringement.