Copyrights protect creative expressions, providing the owners with the exclusive right to use and distribute their works. While copyrights are commonly thought of as protection for literary works, works of fine art, music, and video, copyrights may also  be used to protect software code and website content. For example, we can assist you in registering the copyright for your software code to prevent piracy and derivative works.

Whether you are a potential client, or an attorney who needs help on a copyright-related matter, we will be happy to assist you. 

Copyright Registrations

Copyright registrations provide many benefits such as statutory damages and the possibility for attorneys’ fees. Allow AdamsIP to assist with registering your works in the U.S. and internationally.

Copyright Litigation

Offensively or Defensively, AdamsIP assists clients through all stages of copyright litigation.

Copyright Contracts

Copyright licenses and assignment agreements are important for maintaining enforceable rights. AdamsIP tailors copyright contracts for your company’s specific needs.